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Fox watch

We stare out of my parents’ dining room window at a Fox, which is sitting in the field opposite the house. It takes a little while to realise that there is another Fox a few metres away from the first.

I hold Izzy at my hip, so that she can see. “What’s that in the field?” I prompt.

“Fox!” She cries.

“Yep, two Foxes! Sunbathing, look!”

One of the Foxes, russet-coloured and fluffy, is motionless, soaking up the weak rays of the sun, whilst the other, which has a more silvery coat, plods along next to the hedge, nose to the ground. The first Fox scratches, jumps up onto the dry stone wall and disappears out of view. The other, sniffing about amongst the cow pats, follows it into the shadows.

We continue to watch the empty field for a minute, as Fieldfares descend on an Apple tree in the garden and a Wren flits into the Cotoneaster. We are rewarded when the russet Fox reappears, hops onto the wall and stares up into a tree, also apparently birdwatching. It doesn’t stay for long and when it leaves this time, it doesn’t return.




We watched the foxes in a field off The Ridge, Bussage, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Other places to watch foxes

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