In the beginning…

This is the story of Izzy and her mummy, who, together, went in search of the wild.

When Izzy was still just a bump her mum rambled through meadows and squelched through bogs, searching for such wonders as sunbathing snakes and carnivorous plants.

Then, as a tiny baby strapped to her mummy’s chest, Izzy spent much of her time outside, too. She and her mum explored ancient oak woodland, listened to calling cuckoos and got ever so slightly lost on a moor.

But, Izzy grew, as babies do, and before long, she was an inquisitive toddler with an independent streak. She became too heavy for her mummy to carry very far and the buggy’s wheels were not cut out for muddy country tracks. Izzy didn’t enjoy sitting still any more and liked being quiet even less, so bird hides became a bit of a no-no. Izzy and her mum started to spend more and more time indoors and soon the only wild things they saw were on the tele. All the sitting around was starting to make both of them feel a bit sad. So, one day, mummy made a decision. It might involve quite a lot of planning and quite a lot of effort, but she and Izzy were going to have an adventure; Together, they were going in search of the wild.