7 Dec
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Lichens and tantrums at Ingra Tor

Winter has arrived, but Izzy doesn’t seem to have noticed. For the past couple of weeks she has refused to wear anything other than a cotton dress. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried dressing her dolls and myself with her clothes, I’ve tried begging, I’ve tried to slip a jumper over her head whilst she’s distracted, I’ve tried letting her choose her own outfit, I’ve tried calling her bluff, but when I take her out for a walk with her jumper and coat in my hands, she doesn’t seem to care that it is freezing and when I tell her she can only come out with me if she is wearing a jumper, she waves me goodbye and slams the front door shut. The other day, when all of her much-loved dresses were in the wash, she went to the library and then the supermarket wearing only a vest and tights. We got some disapproving looks.

But, when it comes to walking on Dartmoor, she really needs to be wearing warm clothes. I eventually manage to wrestle her into her all-in-one, but have to give up on the wellies, hat and gloves. God knows what the ramblers in the car park make of all the screaming

I was hoping that she might walk, but I have to carry her on the hip-seat whilst she clings to me, whinging about her jumper.

“She’s probably crying because she’s cold,” A walker helpfully observes. I glare at him, biting my tongue.

It is a beautiful day, but the wonderful view from Ingra Tor is lost on Izzy. She doesn’t appreciate the flock of Golden Plover flying overhead, either.

She cheers up at the sight of some Sheep and the crack of an icy puddle. She even forgets herself for a moment by clambering up and over some stones. She studies some lichen with me, but I can only hold her attention for a moment. Then, the tears start again when I inadvertently climb onto the ‘wrong’ boulder.

Back in the car, stripped of the winter clothing she currently hates, she instantly cheers up, but I am left wondering whether it was worth all the effort.

Sometimes, it has to be said, exploring the great outdoors with a toddler is far from relaxing.



We parked on the car park off the B3212, south of Princetown, then followed the bridlepath to Ingra Tor. The bridlepath was not suitable for buggies and was very muddy.

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