4 Jan
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Not quite the end

Izzy and I have had a wonderful year of wildlife watching together – we have visited some beautiful places and seen some amazing sights. But, things didn’t always go to plan and we didn’t always see what we set out to see – we failed on half a dozen occasions find Water Voles and the late spring ruined several planned trips, including one to see Snake’s-head Fritillaries. At times, when Izzy was particularly challenging (including, when we went to Okehampton Castle), it all seemed like more effort than it was worth, but there are some memories that I will treasure forever, particularly frogspawn at Tottiford ReservoirBluebells at Buckland Abbey, crab fishing at Newquay and rockpooling at Wembury.

This will be my last blog post for Toddler in the Wild, but it is definitely not the end of our adventures together. I think that a connection with the natural world is so important for health and happiness and that giving Izzy a chance to develop that relationship is an important part of my job as her mum. There are so many natural wonders that I can’t wait to show her as she grows up – churring Nightjars, a seal haul out and the Common Toad migration, to name just a few.

Thank you for reading, for your comments and for sharing. Thank you also to Ben, who never got a mention, but who often joined us on our trips, even though he would far rather have been playing with power tools in the garage. And, most of all, thank you to Izzy, for discovering the wild with me and making our expeditions so much fun.

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