10 Nov
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Sand dunes

From the top of the large yellow dune we can see the sea, but it is too cold for swimming today. Izzy is disappointed, but, on this blustery day in October I am finding it hard to conjure up memories of the last time we went sea-swimming, when, mid-summer, the stones on Branscombe beach were almost unbearably hot. We survey the scene, taking in the wind farm on the horizon, the beach and Braunton Burrows‘ rolling sand dunes, which stretch for miles. Then, giggling, we slide down the sand on our bottoms.

We scale another large dune, but with the wind whipping sand into our eyes, we are forced to descend in search of shelter.

Pausing for a while to let Izzy pick up empty snail shells and draw circles in the sand with a stick, I watch a Kestrel hover, then plummet towards the ground. There are some lovely plants, still in flower, to occupy me whilst she potters about – vibrant Viper’s-bugloss, delicate Common Centaury, Sand Pansy and Yellow Bartsia.

We wander back through the ridges and slacks and after the inevitable puddle jumping, Izzy’s wellies need emptying yet again.




We parked at the pay car park off Sandy Lane and followed the footpath through the dunes. It would be quite easy to get lost so keep an eye on where you are wandering! Note that areas of the dunes are sometimes closed for military purposes.




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